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  1. Tour de Spain

    Continuing my travels. nice stop in Ainsa; about 50 Kms from the French Pyrenees.


  2. pcwt:

    Photo Essay: La Vuelta’s ups and downs, climbs and sprints, victories and disappointments! - Stage 21 

    La Vuelta takes a long, hot, and hilly road through Spain, with GC, climbing, and sprinting action throughout!

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  3. gruberimages:

    Spotlight! #tob2014

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  4. atraversso:

    Nærøyfjord - Norway by Tomasz Furmanek

    Please don’t delete the link to the photographers/artists, thanks!

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  5. Keeping it classy. 33 Acres brewing co.


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  8. thestumpone:

    Photographer Daniel Blom teamed up with filmmaker Nicklas Persson in this VOID - “Everyday cycling” edit. The video—shot over two jam packed days in Malmö, Sweden—captures a picture of how one’s hectic everyday life is enriched by riding a bike.

    Direction and DoP: Daniel Blom & Nicklas Persson
    Edit: Nicklas Persson
    Music: Midnight Music
    Grading: DOB
    Producer: Fredrik Abrahamsson
    Rider: Ola Ekström

    Feeling calm now.

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